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Bigger Bathrooms with Clear Shower Glass

Glass Enclosures continues it's hot streak as being the popular choice in modern bathroom designs.

Frameless glass transforms smaller bathrooms into bigger and brighter spaces by allowing light to enter without any obstructions.   There are a number of stylish designsthat will help you enlarge your space while creating the ideal combination of looks and function.

Don't be surprised if your modern shower enclosure starts drawing eyes thus making it the focal point of the room. Plus you'll be able to showcase your tile and fixtures too.  So...Show it off! 


​Tempered Glass

By law,  tempered glass is the only type of glass permitted for bathroom shower installations. 

Each panel is made of thick safety glass that's been through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it 4 X stronger than standard glass.

 Once tempered, it will no longer shatter in long, sharp sheets typical of normal, untreated glass.  Instead, it shatters into small "crushed ice" fragments that are less likely to cause harm or serious injury like a regular broken sheet of glass. 


Glass repair and shower glass enclosures.

Our goal is to provide quick and friendly glass service for any residential and commercial glass projects.  Our glass repair service includes shower doors,  glass table tops, glass shelves & custom mirrors for any new construction or remodel.


We enjoy creating beautiful shower glass enclosures, creating an environment that oozes rest and relaxation.

Do you need an entire wall of mirrors , kitchen glass backsplash or general window glass replacement for your home or business? Then contact us to solve your glass and mirror needs! No job too big or small. 

With so many glass enclosures available we can help you sift through and find the perfect fit that will compliment and enhance your newly remodeled bathroom. 

Some popular designs include Clear/Obscure glass shower doors, sliding shower doors, angled shower enclosures and more.